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Fostering Academic Success & Inclusion

OAI Tutoring⁺ Program

Do you need help with lower-division ICS courses? Schedule an appointment with one of OAI’s learning mentors for assistance. Our inclusive, supportive environment is designed for students from all backgrounds, offering personalized guidance and a sense of belonging.

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An OAI learning mentor (male) is working with a female student

The OAI Tutoring⁺ Program is designed to foster academic success and inclusivity. All ICS students have access to personalized, high-quality tutoring, focusing on a broad range of subjects in lower-division ICS courses. In addition to academic support, students gain access to peer-to-peer mentoring and the OAI community. This program ensures that every student has the opportunity and support to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Why utitilize this student resource?

  • Personalized Learning: Get one-on-one tutoring tailored to your unique learning style and needs.
  • Learning Mentors: Learn from peers who have excelled in the same courses and are trained to help you understand complex concepts.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Tutoring appointments are available in-person (Monday & Tuesday) and online (Wednesday & Thursday). Drop-in hours are available in-person (Monday & Tuesday) and virtually (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Free of Charge: This program is offered at no cost to all ICS students.

Tutoring is available for the following lower-division ICS courses:

  • ICS 6B – Boolean Math
    ICS 6D – Discrete Math
  • ICS 31 – Introduction to Programming
    ICS 32 – Programming with Software Libraries
    ICS 33 – Intermediate Programming
  • ICS 45C – Programming in C/C++
    ICS 46 – Data Structure
  • ICS 51 – Introduction to Computer Organization
    ICS 53 – Principles in System Design

Please email us at if you need help scheduling an appointment or have questions about the OAI Tutoring⁺ Program.